What about Working Out Your Salvation?

What about Working Out Your Salvation? I thought Salvation was Not by Works What about Working Out Your Salvation? I thought Salvation was Not by Works*There are many clear passages in the Biblethat tell us that salvation is a gift we don’t work for or earn.And since we could never “deserve” eternal life,it is obtainable only by faith apart from our […]

The Rapture – Meeting the Lord on His way down to Earth

The Rapture – Meeting the Lord on His way down to Earth  Jesus does not meet us on our way up to heaven,but rather,We meet Him on His way down to rule the earth. In I Thessalonians chapter 4 and verses 16 – 17we read: For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command,with the […]

The 70 Weeks of Daniel – When is the Last Week?

aking a look at Daniel’s 70 week prophecy, at the end of chapter 9,you will not find a 2000 year “gap” mentioned,nor any division of “ages” or “dispensions”.*In Daniel chapter NINE verses 24 – 27,we read, 24 Seventy weeks are decreedabout your people and your holy city—to bring the rebellion to an end,to put a stop to sin,to […]

The Prophet Isaiah and the Rapture!

(Watch the video short of this post) There is no rapture mentioned in the writings of the prophet Isaiah.Chapters 24 through 27 are full of end times prophecies.And it is here that we find instruction as to what we are to dowhen His wrath comes upon the earth. In Isaiah chapter 26 verses 20 and 21 we read,  Go, my people, […]

The Rapture and the Last Trumpet in Old and New Testament

(Watch the video of this post) What is the Last Trumpet?Is this when the Rapture occurs? Let’s take a look at the key scriptures that mention this Last Trumpet.And notice the timing of these events as they relate to the sound of the Last Trump. In 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 51 and 52 ( NASB )we read, Behold, I […]

Are Believers Saved from Wrath?

Are believers saved from wrath?

Is a Pre-Trib Rapture of the Church required to save believers from Wrath? (Watch the video of this post)In the Great Tribulation, Are Believers Saved from experiencing Tribulation or Saved from the Wrath of God?And is this “saving” by means of a Pre-Trib Rapture of all the believers, or some other form of “Escape” or “Protection”? Part of the misunderstanding of the End […]

The Secret Pre-Trib Rapture – Why So Popular?

Secret Rapture

(Watch the video of this post) While researching the teachings on our “meeting the Lord in the air”, or as it is commonly called, “The Rapture” of the Church. The question arose as to why a “Secret Rapture” Before the Tribulation Period is so popular and commonly taught in churches today,since it’s not what is actually described in […]

Goodnews – In the End, We Win – Guaranteed

Goodnews – In the End, We Win – Guaranteed (Watch the video of this post)While there will be suffering and times of persecution for the followers of Christ,we have many promises in scripture that in the END, it will all be good.Check out these cool promises found in the Bible.And in Daniel 7:27 we read; Then […]

Date Setting – Second Coming of Jesus Christ

DATE SETTING, SOME THOUGHTS AND THEORIES ( AS OF 2023 ) This is an ongoing fact-finding project as new information is revealed. Taken from the original ‘CLOUDS ON THE HORIZON’ blog post.